Top Ten Black Owned Restaurants To Visit While In Houston

As we all see, Houston is becoming one of the next go-to cities for black millennials looking to live the subtle city life while simultaneously making their dreams come true. We all remember when there was a wave of people flocking to Atlanta, as that city began to bloom as the black millennial mecca many decided they didn’t want to follow suit. As with all trends, they change and since a few of you reading this article may take interest in moving to the city of Houston, you may also want to have some black delicacies in your belly while there. No worries, I Love Melanin has you covered! Here’s a list of Black-owned restaurants to visit if you are relocating to Houston or visit for the first time. Let’s continue to circulate those black dollars.


Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
9400 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77063

The Breakfast Klub
3711 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

Cool Runnings Jamaican Bar & Grill
8270 W Bellfort Blvd, Houston, TX 77071

Esther’s Cajun Cafe & Soul Food
5204 Yale St, Houston, TX 77022

Frenchy’s Chicken
3919 Scott St, Houston, TX 77004

Grooves of Houston
2300 Pierce St, Houston, TX 77003

Houston This Is It
2712 Blodgett St, Houston, TX 77004

Just Oxtails Soul Food
4207 Reed Rd, Houston, TX 77051

5512 La Branch St, Houston, TX 77004

Yo Mama’s Soul Food
5332 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77091


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