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Khalid Abdul Mohammad was born Harold Moore Jr. on 12th January 1948.

Moore was raised by his aunt Carrie Moore Vann, in Houston Texas. He went on to attend Bruce Elementary School, E.O. Smith Junior High School and an all-black Wheaty High School.

Harold Moore Jr. upon attaining a high school diploma proceeded to Dillard University in Louisiana where he was simply known as Harold Vann. Harold pursed a degree in Theology he however did not graduate. In 1967 Harold was a practising minister at Sloan Methodist Church. Harold was initiated into the Omega Psi Phi fraternity which is part of the Theta Sigma Chapter. He later transferred to Pepperdine University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree.

While still at Dillard University Harold joined the Nation of Islam in 1970. Elijah Muhammad was the leader of The Nation of Islam at that time. Harold changed his name severally to Harold Smith, Harold X, and later Malik Rushaddin. Harold became Louis Farrakhans protégé and was an active recruiter for the Nation of Islam.

In 1978 Harold then going by the name Malik Rushaddin was named the Western Region Minister for the Nation of Islam and was the leader of mosque number 27. Minister Farrakham named Harold Khalid in1983 after the Islamic leader General Khalid Ibn Al-Walid.

Khalid had become one of Farrakhan’s trusted advisors in the Nation of Islam. In 1984 through a fund rising trip, Khalid was able to travel to Libya where he became well acquainted with Muammar Al-Gaddafi who was Libya’s leader at the time. Through his dedication to the message of the nation of Islam and Farrakham he saw his stature rise to the level of the National Spokesman.  Khalid went on to serve as a leader in the Nation’s mosques in New York and Atlanta throughout the 80’s.

In 1987 a federal court found him guilty of Mortgage fraud and was sentenced to nine months in prison. Upon completion of his prison term Khalid returned to the Nation of Islam and served as Farrakham’s national advisor in 1991.

Khalid’s new position came with the expectation of engaging in public speaking, where he became infamous for his anti-white, anti-Semite and anti-homosexual speeches. As well as his rallying calls for black separation and black empowerment. His anti-white sentiments extended to conservative blacks who he deemed as self-subjugating.

In 1993 Khalid gave a speech at Kean College in New Jersey, where he referred to Jews as “bloodsuckers” and the Pope as ”a no good cracker”. And called for the murder of White South Africans who refused to leave the nation after a 24hour warning period. Khalid justified his hatred for Jews by quoting the Bible book of John, for the role played by the Jews in the crucifixion of Jesus.

A vote was cast by the senate 97-0 vote to censor Khalid. Farrakham responded by publicly condemning him. He was silenced as a minister and left the Nation of Islam in 1994.  He later joined the joined the New Black Panther Party where he continued to deliver heated anti-Jew, anti-white, anti-Catholic and anti-homosexuals speeches.

In 1998 he organized the ‘’million youth March’’ in New York where it had an estimated 6000 participants. The March was controversial form its inception and was denied an organization permit being termed as a Hate March by then Mayor Rudy Gulliani. The march went on ahead and experienced a heavy police presence, Khalid called on the participants to attack the police as he regarded they heavy presence as a threat to them. Many were arrested and injuries were sustained by both parties.

Khalid died from a sudden brain aneurysm in 2001 aged 53. He was buried Fernciff Cemetery.




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