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Yemaya is an African goddess believed to be the great mother who rules and lives in the seas. Water is important for survival so life on earth will never be possible without Yemaya.

Despite her nurturing and maternal qualities, Yemaya can be fierce. Her punishments are often terrible when she is angry but with proper remorse, she can be forgiving and fair minded. She is a brave and clever goddess who goes to war for her children and expertly wields a machete, something where she is undefeatable.

She carries an eleke made of transparent crystal beads which alternates with royal blue beads in a pattern that forms her number, 7. Saturday is her day of the week and white and blue are her colors. By tradition, Yemaya wears her long flowing dress with a full skirt made of white and blue ruffles representing the ocean waves and complemented by a wide belt.

Yemaya also loves verbena perfume. She is a virtuous and wise mother who likes to dance and have a great time. Her dance starts slow and graceful but as she moves and swirls, her skirts reflect the waves’ rhythm and her immense power is shown as she builds up intensity and speed.

The children of Yemaya are independent and strong willed women who know their wants and how they can get them. They are sincere with the care they show for others and have the ability to see various perspectives.

The daughters of Yemaya are protective of their children and domestic. In general, they are calm and it is not easy for them to lose their temper. However, they tend to have terrible temper when it erupts. There are instances when they seem to be a bit arrogant although this is merely because they are serious in their roles in life.

They are very devoted to their children and maternal in nature but it is sometimes hard for them to form friendships. They often test their friends to see if they are loyal or not. They also get offended easily by those who don’t show them proper respect.

While they don’t forget a slight, they will still forgive it. Yemaya’s children love beautiful surroundings and luxury and usually, money comes easily to them. They are also sensual yet they do it in a subdued fashion. Their emotional well being is the most important thing for them.

The children of Yemaya always tend to be fair yet they also prefer to go strictly by the book and do what is expected of them. They give deep regard for the social hierarchies and they like it if everyone know their exact place.

In Catholic religion, the goddess Yemaya is being syncretized with Virgin of Regla, something that naturally fits her since Virgin Mary is seen as a mother figure as well. September 7 is her feast day.

Yemaya is a patron for the pregnant women and acts as spiritual mother to people who feel lonely and lost. She is a goddess that always listens and offers maternal love to those who need a mother.

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