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2016 Honda Accord Sport

MPG: 26 City 34 Hwy

Price: $24,995 or $209 per month for 36 mo. & $2,999 down

Overview:  The Honda Accord Sport is a nice treat from Honda.  At 189 horsepower, it is a sedan that is actually made for the 5 seats it hold.  The outside aesthetic is incredible with 18 inch alloy rims and chrome highlights.  Drawbacks are the lack of leather seating options and premium accessibility to car and trunk.

2016 Toyota Camry

MPG: 24 City 33 Hwy

Price: $23,070, or $199 per month for 36 mo. & $3,198 down

Overview:  The Camry is a pleasant step up from the corolla.  The mid-size sedan is actually pretty quick and does offer a leather and sunroof option.  Handsfree charging and other electronic perks are the major selling points for this whip. Toyota stepped up its game with this one.

2016 Mercedes CLA250

MPG: 26 City 38 Hwy

Price: $32,050 or $299 per month for 36 mo. & $3,643 down

Overview: The CLA is a 4-cylinder Mercedes with a little less punch and all of the luxury.  This car is a major upgrade from the last batch of base level C-Class Mercedes. At just about 30k, it’s a steal for one of the best brands out; as long as you don’t mind getting lapped by just about everyone.

2016 BMW 328

MPG: 23 City 35 Hwy

Price: $38,350 or $ 309 per month for 36 mo. & 4,234 down

Overview:  The BMW 328 is now the second step up after the inclusion of the 320 base model to the line of the ultimate driving machines.  The 328 is always a clean look with leather and wood. Both the sedan and coupe versions are likely to keep you happy and comfortable to any destination.  You can’t go wrong with a beamer. But there are better options.

Lexus RX 350

MPG: 20 City 27 Hwy

Price: $43,020 or $419 per month for 36 mo. & 2,439 down

Overview:  The RX 350 is the only SUV on the list and for good reason.  Lexus has really stepped up its game in terms of aesthetics. The outside of the car is super sexy and it comes with all the bells and whistles inside.  The fuel economy is the only major drawback, but that’s to be expected in an SUV

Hyundai Veloster

MPG: 28 City 36 Hwy

Price: $18,000 or $169 per month for 36 months & $1,399 down

Overview:  The Veloster ranks so highly because of the innovative body and its super low price.  This car is an awesome mix of compact, quickness and style. The drawbacks are the lack of space and the fact that this car has 3 doors.  Besides that, its great for a city where parking spots are tight and traffic is heavy.

Mazda 3

MPG: 28 City 37 Hwy

Price: $18,345 or $219 for 36 months & $1,857 down

Overview:  The Mazda 3 is another car that has been improved greatly of late.  It isn’t luxurious, but has made our list because of the many possible add-ons and its performance.  Over the years the Mazda 3 has adopted a more mature body and will actually respond when the accelerator is stressed.

2016 Audi A3

MPG: 24 City 31 Hwy

Price: $31,200 or $271 per month for 36 months & $5,512 down

Overview:  The step-down from the A4 to the A3 was welcomed warmly by the Audi faithful.  The new little brother managed to keep all of the same amenities packed into a smaller, 4-cylinder engine.  These cars are highly customizable and also come in a coupe version.

2016 Infiniti Q50

MPG: 23 City 31 Hwy

Price: $33,950 or $259 per month for 36 months & $2999 down

Overview:  The q50 is actually my favorite on the list.  There are a few versions of this car, but the general look is the same.  The twin exhausts are aggressive. The interior sports a Tesla-esque tablet interface for controlling many of the car’s functions.  This car and its q60 counterpart are works of art.

Lexus IS200t

MPG: 22 City 33 Hwy

Price: 33,819 or $359 per month for 36 & $3,599 down

Overview:  The 200t replaced the 250 and I’m ready to forget about the last one.  This car is hot. I see them everywhere and for good reason. Every amenity is included and the outsides are immaculate.  Lexus spared no details when it came to creating this car. I have no qualms with it at all.

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