Pitbulls and African-America : The Fear & Racism People Don’t Understand3 min read

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When you hear the word pit-bull, what comes to mind?

Is it a harmless pooch or some type of bloodthirsty animal with a killer physique and penchant for fighting? And when you hear African-American or black guy? Maybe not you in particular, but many Americans may describe the latter in a manner similar to the description of the former. The power and intelligence of the pit-bull are the same traits that have seen Africans coveted. Africans are the people who were responsible for virtually all of the teachings held sacred throughout time. Now they are second-class citizens at best in most of the world and hold a shockingly similar fate to a beautiful yet hated dog breed, the pit-bull terrier.

The American Pit-bull Terrier is a solid-built dog from the British Isles. The dogs are a cross between Old English Bulldogs and Terriers, seeking to contract the strength and gameness of the two breeds, respectively. The dogs were primarily used in blood sports up until the 1800s. In modern times, these dogs can be used as therapy or police companions and are unfortunately sought for dog fighting in the Americas.

An African-American is a person of African descent that lives in the Americas.

Their origins are unknown, but Africans have been known to be some of the most prominent scholars of all time and very accomplished hunters.   African Americans were brought en masse to the western hemisphere in a tragedy known as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This genocide took place from the 1400s until the mid-1800s, wherein the stories of the two aforementioned parties begin to intertwine.

Both groups were treated as mere animals. Food was scarce and they were used as tools for gains for the white population. Both parties were stripped of their original identities, beaten, forced to fight, and forced to procreate. Pit bulls and Africans alike were slaughtered at will by their oppressors, sometimes just for sport. Sexual abuse was commonplace including castration, the circumcision of men and women, and rape. Unfortunately, their suffering has yet to cease.

Today you can find millions of either party locked in small cells, riddled with the disease. Usually, they were put there simply for trying to better their positioning in life. Frequently, either is placed in captivity simply for existing. They are also banned from certain neighborhoods.  People point while telling their kids “Stay away” or “They’re bad”. As if this isn’t enough, police are killing these beings with menial consequences at best.

Society has placed almost unbreakable stigmas over Pit Bulls and African Americans.

Black people being portrayed as gang members, drug dealers, drug addicts, and inmates is not helping. Linking black people and pit bulls has further perpetuated the misunderstandings amongst society. It is a travesty that both pit bulls and African Americans are judged by people with meek understanding of their nature at best. Two of the most powerful creations on this Earth are feared simply because of their power. Ain’t that something.

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