Chipotle: Brown VS White Rice1 min read

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It was 7:30pm and I hadn’t yet eaten. The only cure: Chipotle. Sadly, this was everyone’s thought. At least two dozen people were already in line. As I waited for over half an hour, I noticed that some people were moving to the front of the queue while others were waiting at the side. I couldn’t help but note that everyone waiting on the side was White and those moving forward could be described as “ethnic”: an Indian family, a Latino family, and a Black family. What was the issue? “We’re waiting on white rice. Feel free to go ahead for brown rice.”

Essentially, white families, we’re willing to prolong their already long wait time for the mere color of their rice. Now, this isn’t an argument about which kind of rice is better. One can do that research on their own but I couldn’t help to think about an article I had read the day before about the conditioning of people to believe that darker shades of dogs are worse behaved than lighter shades of dogs. Am I witnessing the same phenomenon here? And does this have any correlation between why the white families wanted white rice and the other families didn’t mind the brown rice? Hmm…who knows? What I do know is that I was happy that my wait time had been drastically decreased. Chipotle, get in my belly!!!

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