Reflections Post Alton Sterling Death : Did we forget who we are?1 min read

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We continue to try to fit into systems that aren’t meant for us, doing our best to conform to Eurocentric standards, in doing so, we forget our roots, we forget about our communities, and most importantly, we forget who we really are and what values are truly important to us.

If we are truly to find our place, we must first start from within. We must learn to love ourselves, our individual blacknesses and learn love each other’s blacknesses regardless of religion, gender, class, etc. We must set examples and not be afraid to share information with each other. We must begin to teach our kids to produce instead of perform, create instead of compete. We must begin to look out for ourselves. We must begin to build our own systems that are inclusive of all types of black people. It is not about the individual but rather, the collective.


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