Drake, Jay’z, Diddy : Who is the actual best rapper alive?2 min read

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As of late, Drake is at the top of the album charts. Does that make him the #1 Hip Hop artist? His album Views did well, selling more than 1 million in sales which is the most for any album sales in 2016.

According to E! News, “Forbes just released their annual list of the highest-paid acts in the musical genre, and for the second year in a row, Diddy comes out on tops with a staggering 62 million in earnings over the past year. Trailing closely behind the rapper is none other than Jay Z, who managed to rake in $53.5 million in 2016 despite never having released an album.”


Crazy, right? How do we compare the three artists? What makes an artist the best? Is it their album sales, paid acts, or maybe perhaps their level of influence? In Kanye West’s song, Diamond from Siera Leone (Remix) featuring Jay Z, Jay Z exclaimed, “I’m not a businessman, I a business, man!” What does he mean by this? Perhaps, we’ve been judging hip hop artists on the wrong criteria.Most people judge Hip Hop celebrities on the number of albums they sell. But maybe it’s not solely about the album sales. Jay Z’s and Diddy’s  past albums speak for themselves. That is they have sold so many albums that the two are well known not just in America, but also around the world. Drake is well known in America but one can argue that his level of influence, or reach is not global.

On the other hand, Jay Z and Diddy are worldwide celebrities. They get paid gigs at their  will. Sure, once in a while they will appear on somebody’s track or album but these gigs aren’t their breadwinners. They are much more likely to make their earnings from paid acts through advertising and sponsorship. Drake isn’t at that level yet. Can he be one day? Sure, but for now he has to continue to make albums in order to increase his global presence and eventually be able to live independently on paid acts.

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