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This is a guide for hosting or going to stay with that person you met on vacation that you text from time to time. As a word of advice, if you meet a stranger from a place you would like to visit, going out of your way to help them may be a gamble that pays off tenfold. You never know how much time, headache and money you can save with the rising costs of hotels and uber drives.

If any bedtime extracurricular activity isn’t discussed beforehand, don’t expect it. Head there with a plan to be each other’s wingmen as that will curb the tension. Sleeping arrangements go hand in hand as you could end up in an unwanted situation. The less you know this person, the more clarity needed intention-wise.

Uber drives to and from the airport are a throw in. I’d say for less than an hour ride, host should pick up. Anything more, uber or bus. It would also help both parties to do a weekend trip as time is usually less stringent.

It’s not a hotel. Yes, the host should have everything clean and yes the visitor should clean up after themselves.. Host, it is your job to make the plans and visitor, you should fee inclined to pay for an initial rink or meal. Visitor, it may be a good idea to do a bit of grocery shopping as to not eat all of the host’s food and save a bit of money. Cooking a meal for the host would be a nice touch. Please wash the dishes if the host cooks.

A host may need to work so never have just one friend in that city. Always ask the host about their other friendly people to have more than one exploring buddy and also clarify the desire or lack thereof for something more than friendship.

Going out should be pressure free. As a visitor, you must voice your desire for the places you wanna go, definitely make an effort to see sites unique to the city and always suggest pictures. These plans should probably also be discussed beforehand. Clubs and bars are also a must. Offer to buy the first drink for your host. Again, make sure you’re comfortable enough to go off on your own. Both host and visitor should be wary of the other person having a good time. No taking anyone home unless sleeping conditions are favorable. Your ride in the morning is on you, visitor.

On your way out, tons of thanks and maybe a small token of gratitude from the visitor is customary. A host should definitely insist on the person returning unless you hate them. Hope this helped and good luck

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