Is Trump Smarter Than We Think?1 min read

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Regardless of where you stand on presidential candidate Donald Trump, one has to admit that he has an interesting campaign strategy. On Thursday, Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss American immigration policy and the “border wall.” According to President Nieto, he did not agree to the border wall payment. Denying this, Trump claims that payment for the border wall was never brought up. Aside from the border wall topic, Nieto vocalized that the conversation was mutually respectful and that the two held a “constructive exchange of views.”

Hillary fans should be weary. Donald Trump’s meet with President Nieto shows that he has the ability to be a diplomatic world leader. On the other hand, despite having raised over $140 million for her campaign, Hillary continues to be on the defensive as Trump continuously pokes holes on her involvement with the Clinton Foundation. With Trump on the offensive and Hillary playing defense, Democrats should be concerned. Saturday, Trump is scheduled to speak with an African American church in Detroit.

Is Trump smarter than we think he is?

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