My Completely Biased 21 Highlights Of Tonight’s Debate4 min read

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  1.  Trump admitted he hasn’t paid any federal taxes… let that sink in. You and I get our checks buttfucked by federal taxes, but he said not paying them “Makes me smart”…. so I guess that makes us stupid?

  2. He said stop and frisk (a program ruled unconstitutional) did a lot of good things. the only people who think stop and frisk was good are people who haven’t been stopped and frisked. I lived in NYC, I was stopped and frisked… it is humiliating.

  3. When asked why he stiffed hundreds of small business owners who worked for him, his response “maybe they did a bad job” or maybe he’s a fucking crook who preys on the weak for his own gain.

  4. Hillary said he rooted for the housing crisis, the housing crisis that cost millions of Americans their homes and wealth…. he replied “it was good business” But kneeling for the anthem is anti-American? ok.

  5. When asked about the social unrest going on in the country his response was “Law and Order, we need Law and Order” (let that marinate, LAW AND FUCKING ORDER)

    a. To be (fake) fair, Hillary’s response to implicit bias in the police as we all have an implicit bias (true) and that police need more training… let’s be clear… implicit bias cannot be taught away in a training course.
  6. Donald said he has developed great relationships with the black community, the black community has deemed that was a lie. (no fact check needed) we know a racist when we see one… and he fits the bill.

  7. When asked why he perpetuated the birther argument for years, he said Hillary started it not him. Let’s say that’s true… he carried it on for YEARS!!! he undermined the FIRST black President and rose to political fame by the birther movement. The RACIST ASS BIRTHER MOVEMENT.

  8. After denying he started the birther movement he took credit for getting Obama to release his birth certificate. -_- But you didn’t perpetuate it, but you got him to release it? how sway.

  9. When asked about being sued for housing discrimination he essentially said “I was sued for being racist with a whole bunch of other people” (I wasn’t the only one! why are you singling me out!)

  10. when pushed on racist housing practices he said he settled without admitting guilt. (Lawyers please help me out… isn’t that how settlements work? you pay and don’t have to admit guilt… right?)

  11. As proof of not being racist, he pointed to ONE Tampa community he owns where he hasn’t been sued for being racist. One, of the many many he claims to own. (the real estate equivalent of “I have a black friend”)

  12. He spent a good 90 seconds hollering about his calm temperament. it was amazing. You have to watch that shit.

  13. I would just like to state that Black people who live in the inner city are not all living in hell, and FURTHERMORE not all black people live in the inner city. Asstwat
  14. He thinks China should go into North Korea and take over? whaaaat in the entire fuck?

  15. When the discussion moved to NATO, he said: “They’re not paying their fair share”… after saying he doesn’t pay federal taxes. hmmmm

  16. “A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes” One of the best lines of the night.

  17. He said he didn’t say Global warming was a hoax started by Chinese, his staff deleted the tweet where he said it mid-debate.

  18. His answers on cybersecurity somehow managed to fat shame hackers and he brought up his ten-year-old son in a weird incoherent way. “The security aspect of cyber is very tough.” – Donald 
  19. When told the IRS said its ok to release your taxes, he said he would release them when she releases the 30K emails she deleted

  20. He used the word “Bigly”…. twice. I was dumbfounded

  21. If you watched this debate and seriously think Donald should be president… you’re a fucking moron. Yes. I mean it. I am not a Hillary fan, but next to him she looks like the most intelligent, distinguished, knowledgeable, and amazing person alive. Seriously… I don’t trust her to be honest, but I trust her not to fuck up the world. I don’t trust him not to fuck up his taxes.

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