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It’s 1996, crime is a real problem in major American cities.

Despite stark differences in policy, both democrats and republicans alike continue to push through funding for a drug war that’s was started on false pretenses.

Then First Lady Hillary Clinton announces a need for an organized effort against gangs just as we had against the mob in years prior. The racially charged term “Super Predators” used by the First Lady has since sparked outcry against her and her latest endeavor to move back into the White House.

In her speech at Keene State College in 1996 Clinton describes Super Predators as kids with “no conscience” and “no empathy” and stated the need to bring them to heel.

This got me to thinking, are Super Predators real? Are they still a threat to the United States?  Did the crime bill of the 1990’s, which failed so many people of color, also fail to address the eminent threat of Super Predators? The answer may not be what you think.

Clinton comes off at times as a pragmatist and someone focused on numbers, so for the sake of her argument, I will back up my statements with tangible statistics. 

Fast forward to 2016, roughly 20 toddlers, mostly white, have shot someone.

We can argue as to their lack of empathy later, but just let that sink in. Gun violence among white Americans continues to grow at an alarming rate and the suspects are getting younger by the week.

Now it may be fair to say that some of these children had a lack of gun training, but consider victims like Jamie Gilt of Florida. Often times she boasted on social media about “gun sense” and described her son’s feelings toward target shooting with a pistol as “jacked”. He knew the dangers of guns and he chose to shoot his mother, in the back. Is that empathy? Does that show a conscience?

It’s not fair to strictly lay the label of Super Predators on the five-year-old and under crowd, there is enough blame to go around. Columbine, Aurora, Boston, Sandy Hook, Planned Parenthood and Charleston are all ideal examples of Super Predators running rampant.

Lone wolf mentality, and in some cases gang mentality leading to gun violence with little to no empathy for the victims.

The dangers of letting this behavior run away with no real policy solution has already begun to take effect. Perhaps if there had been proper policing in certain suburban and higher income areas, a lot of these incidents could have been avoided.

In 2006 the FBI released a report on the effective assimilation of white nationalists and skinhead racists into America’s police forces. These are proud white men, who one would assume loves white women and children. This raises the question, why is the fraternal order of police allowing white communities to be destroyed? Failure to act on the Heroin epidemic is one thing, but we are talking about radicalized bad seeds within the white communities terrorizing their own people. Why would you spend time in the inner city choking black men who sell cigarettes when your children are working against the very nationalist agenda you embrace?

At this point I’m going to echo Hillary Clinton’s statements, Super Predators are real. We need to bring these thugs to heel before it’s too late.


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