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A month ago I would have defined brunch as a meeting of people between the hours of breakfast and lunch to have a large meal.  After Saturday,  I may have surmised that it is a Sunday activity for purging the enormous amount of alcohol from my body with greasy food.  

After yesterday, I am fascinated by the phenomenon that is Sunday Funday Brunch.

What stood apart from the rest of the elements was the amount of people present.  Over a hundred bodies were waiting outside of Tap 42 in Coral Gables by 10:00am.  Everyone was dressed Miami-chique with short sleeved open button up with pants and loafers for the guys. The ladies donned flattering dresses or pants with heels.  Shades were virtually required for entry likely to fend off anyone’s sudden hypersensitivity to light.

By the time we got in, I was starving.  

The first thing out of everyone’s mouth when the server comes up is, “bottomless mimosas please.”  I quickly figured out that this boozefest was only going to cost me and everyone else there fifteen bucks.  And it began.

There was laughing, stories from the night prior, loud music, and tons of champagne and orange juice.  By the time my pancakes arrived, my drunchies were very developed. Flapjacks didn’t stand a chance.

Even after the food, the vibe was proper.  The music matched the mood as people evolved from groggy and hungover into vibrant boogie-ready.  Maybe it was the libations, but everyone seemed to be extremely attractive at this point.

People were extremely happy to be around each other during the day.  I’d never seen such a thing, but I am hooked. Usually I’m very docile on Sunday, but six hours of all-you-can-drink raucous was actually the best thing I did all weekend.

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