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Fact 1:
Ghana has a population of over 27million people. Ghana is a multicultural country that had famous kingdoms throughout its history. The most powerful and famous Kingdom from Ghana was the Ashanti Kingdom that was an Akan empire which stretched from Ghana to Ivory Coast. The empire’s military prowess, wealth, architecture, sophisticated hierarchy and culture, have played a great role in the extensive study of the Ashanti.

Fact 2:
The official language of Ghana is English along with other African languages.
There are over 100 ethnic groups living in Ghana. The largest are Akan, Moshi-Dagbani, Ewe, and Ga. The Ashanti tribe of the Akan are the largest tribe and one of the few societies in West Africa where lineage is traced through the mother and maternal ancestors.

Fact 3:
Ghana is the first sub-Saharan country to gain its independence from Britain in 1957. Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan country to gain independence from the British who colonized them.

Ghana’s founding president was Kwame Nkrumah who serve as Ghana’s first Prime Minister and later on as Ghana’s first president he served from 1957 to 1966 when he was overthrown.

Ghana’s current president is Nana Akuofo- Addo who is famous for plagiarizing both President George Bush and President Bill Clinton during his inauguration on 7th Jan, 2017.

Fact 4:
Ghana was ranked 54th most peaceful country in the world.

Fact 5:
Gold and cocoa are considered a mainstay of economy in Ghana. Ghana is famously known as the gold coast, when the British first arrived found that the Arab Merchant had named it so due to the large quantity of Gold deposit that was present and took to calling it the gold coast. Ghana is both famous and infamous for its Cocoa farming after it was revealed that majority of the people who farm live in poverty and some had never tasted the chocolate produced from the pods.

Fact 6:
The currency used in Ghana is called Cedi. The current exchange for 1 dollar to cedi is 4.51

Fact 7:
Ghana has a substantial freedom of media; as the private press functions with no restrictions. Ghana has several national television stations with the most popular being: UTV, TV3, GTV AND ADOM TV.

Fact 8:
The capital city of Ghana is Accra with an estimated population of 2.27million people. Accra served as the capital for the British during the Gold coast era between 1877 and 1957. Accra has transitioned to modern era metropolitan and has still maintained the history of the city.

Fact 9:
Ghana was ranked the 11th most friendly country in the world by Forbes Magazine after a survey of a cross section of travelers was conducted. It ranked the highest in all the African countries surveyed.

Fact 10:
Ghana borders with Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo.

Fact 11:

Ghana’s founding president is regarded as the father of Pan Africanism in Africa.

Fact 12:

The Kente cloth is a traditional Ghanaian cloth and is the most popular. Different ethnic groups have their own style of cloth. In the modern day Ankara has seen a rise in popularity especially amongst African Americans who want to associate themselves with Africa and celebrate their Melanin.

Fact 13:

Ghanaian cuisine is world famous and consist of sea food being a coast nation. Ghana is also famous for it pepper soup, fufu and Banku and Tilapia is a popular meal that is served in most Ghanaian restaurants.

Fact 14:

Black Stars is Ghana’s national football team and is famous as a formidable team in Africa and has won Africa Cup of Nations Title. Black Stars have also represented Ghana in the last two world cup championship.

Fact 15:
I bet you did not know that Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba are Ghanaian. Talk about eye candy!


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