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Every culture, race in the world has warriors that they have immortalised. American Education systems as well as other education systems all around the world teaches their students about this great warriors. Some that can be traced back hundreds of years and some even can be traced back to the creation of the earth. Some Warriors of other races have been immortalised to god/deity status. Many books have been written, movies created and even comic books have been written to depict the lives of these great warriors.

The one thing that is clear if you are an African American when sitting in a class studying or reading about these warriors, is the glaring absence of African or African American warriors that you can relate to or take pride in being part of great history.

Well let me try to mitigate this grave misfortune by introducing you to these 10 Male African warriors that should be in your history books and libraries.

  1. Bai Bureh: As a ruler, Bureh never wanted to cooperate with the British who were living in the capital city of Freetown. Bai Bureh refused to recognise a peace treaty the British had negotiated with the Limba without his participation; and on one occasion, his warrior fighters raided the British troops across the border into French Guinea. Bai Bureh refused to recognise the hut tax that the British had imposed. He did not believe the Sierra Leonean people had a duty to pay taxes to foreigners and he wanted all British to return to Britain and let the Sierra Leoneans solve their own problems


  1. Samori Ture (Wassoulou Empire): Samori Ture chose the path of confrontation, using warfare and diplomacy, to deal with the French colonial incursion into West Africa and established himself as the leading African opponent of European imperialism.Samori developed a powerful, virtually professional army equipped with European arms and trained in modern methods of warfare.



  1. Cetshwayo Kampande: He was a Zulu King who dealt a big blow to the British during the invasion of Zulu land. He led his warriors to battle defeating the British and killing the heir to the French Kingdom, Prince Napoleon, a something that no other African leader in Southern Africa had done.


  1. Almamy Suluku: He was a powerful leader from Sierra Leone who was able to organize his warriors in resisting the colonizers who were invade West Africa. He was also responsible in enrich his kingdom by fostering trade of foodstuff, hides, ivory and gold.
  2. Ahmed Baba: Baba was the leader of the Songhai Empire. His kingdom covered nearly two thirds of West Africa and covered what is present day Niger, Northern Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania and Mali. His during his reign the Songhai Kingdom is herald as to having been the wealthiest Kingdoms of all time. It’s believed that he was the richest man to have ever lived. Ahmed Baba was a renowned scholar, writer and a political leader.



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