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This is the first election that I have voted in. Even though I was old enough to vote in the last one, Obama seemed a shoo-in as an incumbent who was facing a man who was more slogans than actual agenda. Romney spent more time reacting, thus giving Obama the time and stableness to thoroughly win. Now we are on the eve of having Trump as president. I completely discount Hillary because every indicator sees a white, male republican as the heir to the free word.

Save from the single term tenure of Bush Sr. before the Clinton administration, the Republican and Democratic parties have been taking turns with 8 years in office all the way back to Harry S. Truman in the 1950s. Maybe that isn’t enough to sway your opinion, but both the House and Senate are majority Republican, which would make Hillary’s agenda even more difficult to accomplish. The fact of the matter is that everything is red right now, except the president.

Hillary’s voter base is also compromised. The Clinton administration is notorious for appealing to black voters and Hillary is losing them as well. As information arises about her involvement with the war on drugs and support of mass incarceration, she loses her black edge. Another medium of late for securing the black vote is her sudden love of hot sauce. Isn’t there anything more important that you can do for black people?

And her competition, Mr. Donald Trump, is a genius.  

Donald is a racist, impulsive, agenda-less, pompous, superficial ass clown. But, his marketing is unreal. He appeals to the times. His bluntness and use of racist theatrics run along the same controversial lines as the reality TV shows that have Americans hooked. Racist seems to be the common label for him, yet he keeps winning primaries, and convincingly at that collecting more votes than the other competitors combined.

Hillary is beating Bernie by less than 30% in the actual delegate count. I guess the young people and seasoned Republicans are responsive to Trump saying he wants to kick the Mexican rapists out. Maybe the other Republican Party members are okay with Trump making up statistics like the one from a tweet where he said, “blacks killed 81% of white homicide victims”.  The fact that Hillary’s biggest campaign donors are Wall Street hedge funds even though she states she wants to dismantle Wall Street really isn’t sitting well with Democrats.

People don’t trust their governments and this is coming to light more every day.

Hillary has been ousted as a liar for her campaign contributions, her alleged espionage, and even her implications in the Panama Papers.   Haitian-Americans will remind you of the half a billion dollars in aid Hillary helped campaign for with the Red Cross after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti which only managed to build a measly 6 homes. Trump may be many things, including an ignorant racist, but he’s not a blatant liar.  Trump will have a competent cabinet advising him the entire way. He can’t actually kicks Mexicans or Cubans out of the country. He will be a good person to steer a country that is in the midst of economic fortuitousness. I am not afraid. So congratulations Mr. Trump.   And please, do a good job.

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